Martin Mehall, President, Richland

Martin Mehall is president and co-founder of Richland. Prior to founding Richland in 1985, Mr. Mehall practiced securities and corporate tax law at Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff. Mr. Mehall holds a B.S. in finance from The Ohio State University, a J.D. from The Ohio State University Law School and a Master of Laws from the New York University Graduate School of Law.

Mike Batiste, President, Vista Construction

Michael Batiste is president of Richland’s captive construction company, Vista Construction, LLC. Mr. Batiste is responsible for guiding site and building design, selecting construction methods, preparing and maintaining schedules and budgets, soliciting bids, negotiating contracts, and coordinating the construction process.

Brent Mehall, Vice President, Richland

Brent Mehall is a project manager for Richland where he is responsible for developing and executing all areas of corporate strategy as they relate to current and future development projects. Mr. Mehall is currently in charge of operations across the Richland portfolio. Mr. Mehall has a B.S. in information systems from Fordham University

Greg Hayes, Vice President, Vista Construction

Greg Hayes is Vice President of Vista construction where he is responsible for all purchasing and vendor relations. In addition, Mr. Hayes works closely with our onsite construction team to make
sure the projects are on schedule.

Mike Vinciguerra, Site Superintendent

Mike Vinciguerra is the Site Superintendent for all construction in Northeast Ohio. His role includes subcontractor oversight, project scheduling, permitting, and inspections.

Jack Mezak, Director of Technology

Jack Mezak possesses over a decade worth of Information Technology experience in the government, education, and corporate sectors. Hailing from diverse and cutting edge arenas, such as NASA and Cornell University, Jack has a wealth of valuable knowledge in the design and operation of complex network and telecommunication systems.

Debbie Batiste, Office Manager/HR

Debbie Batiste is in charge of all administration in the corporate office including human resources. Debbie’s areas of responsibility include staffing, benefits, employee relations, and

Loretta Kalas, Bookkeeper

Loretta Kalas, as the bookkeeper is responsible for accounts payable administration, all bank reconciliations across all corporate and construction accounts, billing and accounts receivable
functions, and construction loan draws.

Jeanne Loske, Receptionist

Jeanne is responsible for answering incoming phone calls and greeting the public, as well as taking care of the mail and ordering supplies.